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Travel insurance of the test winner - TravelSecure®

For your safety on holiday – TravelSecure® travel insurance offers you favourable and efficient tariffs.

TravelSecure® offers travel insurances for individual travellers, group travellers, couples, families, students, au-pairs… Whether you would like to conclude an insurance for a particular journey , a complete package or an annual insurance – with us you will find the perfect solution. Consequently you are secured reliably and fair. We offer transparent insurance tariffs and are pleased to help you finding the product which is suitable and best for you.
Trust in the test winner TravelSecure® and enjoy a blithe time.

Annual travel insurances

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Once concluded and secured for a whole year - Our comfort package or basic package!

Travel insurances for groups

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With this foreign travel health insurance and cancellation insurance you are quickly and easily secured with groups of 10 or more people

Special travel insurances

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For longer stays we offer special insurances for Work & Travel, Au-Pairs, Students, foreign guests in Germany and the foreign travel health insurance up to 365 days