Travel Insurance:
Travel Cancellation Insurance

With a travel cancellation insurance of TravelSecure you are excellently secured before and after commencement of journey

  • Extensive protection: Reimbursement of arising cancellation costs in case of sickness, severe accident, loss of job, pregnancy, damage to property and much more.
  • Test winner: In comparison of 97 travel cancellation- and interruption insurances our tariff “Topschutz” took first place at Stiftung Warentest – Finanztest in the year 2014 (issue 02/2014).
  • With or without deductible: You can choose if you conclude the travel cancellation insurance with or without deductible.

Our travel cancellation insurance tariffs offer an optimal protection for your journey

Basic Cancellation Insurance

Top protection including holiday protection

  • Travel cancellation insurance
  • Travel interruption insurance

With it you, your family and further persons at risk are not only protected before commencement of journey but also during the holiday.

Top Cancelation Insurance

Basic protection

  • Travel cancellation insurance

Before commencement of journey our basic protection protects you against arising travel cancellation costs (cancellation fee) if you will not be able to start your booked journey.

Overview of general benefits and advices of basic- and top protection

Deductible / co-payment
With or without deductible

Types of travelling
Package holiday, individualized holidays, last-minute, Weekend- and short trips, single trips, air journey, business trips, journey abroad, sea voyage, seaside holidays, tours, ski trips, city trips, cruises, active holidays, educational trips and much more.


Persons at risk
Insured participants of the journey who have booked and insured a journey together as well as if necessary two additional accompanying minor children.

Sum insured
Up to 15,000.00 euro

Time limit for conclusion
The travel cancellation cost insurance has to be concluded 30 days before begin of the journey at the latest. At last-minute-bookings, within 30 days before begin of the journey, insurance coverage is only given if the travel cancellation cost insurance has been concluded on the day of booking or on the following day.

Single benefits of our travel cancellation insurance at a glance

  • Death, severe accident or unexpected serious illness
  • Loss of job
  • Pregnancy
  • Unexpected vaccination intolerance
  • Damage to property
  • Taking up an employment relationship or an apprenticeship
  • Change of job
  • Unexpected begin for federal voluntary service (BFD) or voluntary social year (FSJ)
  • Repetition of failed exams by the insured person at a school/university, vocational school, university, university of applied sciences and arts/college
  • Failed moving-up of a pupil if it is about a school- or class trip or withdrawal of the pupil from the class
  • Destruction of prostheses or loosening of implanted joints respectively
  • Unexpected serious illness, severe accident or vaccination intolerance of a dog registered for the journey. This is also valid for a registered for the journey and accompanying cat. Summons
  • File for divorce
  • Unexpected summons
  • Short-time work due to market conditions
  • Unexpected appointment for donation or receive of organs or tissues
  • Unexpected failure of an implanted pacemaker
  • Unexpected adoption of a minor child
  • Insured people among each other who have booked a journey together. As well as if necessary two additional accompanying minor children.
  • Reimbursement of additional costs for the outward trip if the insured journey starts delayed because of the mentioned reasons or because of a delay of public transports.
  • Reimbursement of costs for change of booking up to 50 euro for each insured person
  • Reimbursement of the agency fee up to 100 euro provided that it was calculated in the insured travel price
  • Reimbursement of additional costs for a single room surcharge up to the height of the arising cancellation costs.
  • Reimbursement of costs in case of not ending the journey as scheduled including holiday protection. (At travel interruption within the first eight travel days you will get reimbursed the whole travel price. From the ninth travel day you will get refunded the travel services which could not be taken advantage of because of the interruption. Requirement for this is that the travel interruption occurs because of an insured reason.)
  • Reimbursement of additional costs for the return journey and extra costs
  • Reimbursement of expenses for services that could not have been taken advantage of (as far as insured)
  • Reimbursement of arising costs for continuing a journey at travel interruption of a booked tour or cruise
  • Reimbursement of costs at a necessarily needed extension of the stay because of a natural disaster/natural event, death, unexpected serious illness or severe accident (additional costs, costs for return trip)
  • Reimbursement of costs in consequence of a delay of a public transport. Also verified costs for necessary and appropriate food and accommodation are covered.
  • Reimbursement of additional costs for the insured person at extension of the stay because of transportation inability of an accompanying person at risk.

Download the terms: Travel Cancellation

What is a travel cancellation insurance and why is it reasonable?

If you have to cancel your journey before start of the journey because of health reasons or other reasons (e. g. change of job) a travel cancellation insurance will protect you against arising cancellation costs.

You have been looking forward to your journey for so long but unfortunately you are not able to start your planned journey. In this case you need to cancel it and bear the arising costs by yourself.

Here it is also to note: The closer the travel date the higher are the fees at travel cancellation. No matter because of which insured reason you cancel your journey, our travel cancellation cost insurance will bear the arising cost.

What are cancellation fees (cancellation costs)?

Cancellation costs or also cancellation fees are costs that you have to bear by yourself in case you cannot start or interrupt your journey. In the following graphic you can see the development of cancellation costs before start of the journey.

Development of cancellation costs before starting the journey

Development of cancellation costs before starting the journeyOn the basis of the graphic you can see the importance of a travel cancellation insurance Because the closer the travel date the higher are normally the cancellation costs. At a high travel price this can become really expensive. Therefore it is worth concluding a travel cancellation insurance that protects you against these high cancellation costs.

When performs the travel cancellation insurance?

Anticipation to the planned holiday is big but suddenly you or your child fall ill or a change of job is approaching. There are many unpredictable reasons for not starting or even interrupting a booked journey but there is no reason being annoyed because of on top arising cancellation costs – provided that you have concluded a travel cancellation insurance in advance.

When a travel cancellation insurance is worth it?

A travel cancellation insurance is worth it for all journeys worldwide no matter if package holiday, last-minute or city trip. Often you hear that a travel cancellation insurance is only worthwhile for expensive journeys. That is not correct, even for cheap journeys like a last-minute-offer high costs are arising at a travel cancellation.

An example why a travel cancellation insurance is also worth it at cheap journeys:

You have booked a short trip to the North Sea for 300 euro. Two days before departure you cannot start the journey and you have to cancel it. Cancellation fees (90 % of the travel price) are amounting here to 270 euro. In case you concluded a travel cancellation insurance we would reimburse 270 euro to your account.

Who is insured with the travel cancellation insurance?

In the jargon of insurances insured persons are called persons at risk. Persons at risks are relatives of the insured person. Under the paragraph “definition of persons at risk” the term is being further explained to you.

At travel cancellation insurances of TravelSecure persons at risk are


  • Insured people among each other who have booked a journey together. As well as if necessary two additional accompanying minor children.
  • Relatives of an insured person. These include:
    • Spouse or common law spouse in cohabitation
    • Children, adopted children, step children, foster children
    • Parents, adoptive parents, step-parents, foster parents, grandparents, parents-in-law
    • Siblings, grandchildren, son/daughter-in-law and brother/sister-in-law
    • Aunts, uncles, nephews and nieces

Definition persons at risk

You are travelling and a related person falls seriously ill for example. Because of that you have to interrupt your journey immediately. The arising cancellation costs are covered by us. In this context relatives are also named as so-called person at risk. Persons at risks are people that could be the reason for a cancellation or travel interruption of a booked journey although they are not travelling by themselves.

If more than 6 people (at family products 7 people) or more than two families and if necessary two accompanying minor children have booked a journey together only the respective relatives and the common law spouses of the above mentioned group of people and their caregivers are meant for persons at risk.

What is to be understood as deductible / excess in the travel cancellation insurance?

If you make use of the travel insurance you pay a sum (deductible) by yourself. The height of the deductible is subjected to the booked journey. If you cannot start the journey because of illness for example there will be a settlement of the refundable claim of 20 per cent, but at least 25 euro by the insurance holder himself at the travel cancellation insurance of TravelSecure.

Concluding an insurance with or without deductible?

If you conclude a travel cancellation insurance with or without deductible depends of your personal feeling.

  • With deductible the price (premium) is going down but in case of a claim you have to bear a part of the costs by yourself
  • Without deductible the price (premium) is higher as in the tariff with deductible but the insurance takes over the whole costs of the refundable claim.

For what do you need a travel interruption insurance?

If you are already on holiday and you need to interrupt your journey because of illness or an accident our tariff Topschutz is taking effect and reimburses the costs when not ending your holiday trip as planned.

During the trip unpredictable things can happen, for example you need to interrupt the journey because of illness or an accident. The arising amounts (e. g. costs for return journey, cancellation costs) are covered by our travel interruption insurance. Therefore we recommend you our tariff Topschutz.

Travel cancellation insurance – Reimbursement of costs in case of damage

travel cancellation Reimbursement of costs in case of damageYou have booked your holiday and you are looking forward to a relaxing journey. And then suddenly, very unexpected you cannot start it because of illness. You are not alone with that. A survey of forsa of the year 2013 shows that every fifth German vacationer had to cancel a booked journey once.

Main reasons for travel cancellation are:

  1. Diseases
  2. Accidents

Therefore take precautions with a travel cancellation insurance and a travel interruption insurance that you do not even have to pay expensively for the escaped relaxation.

Travel cancellation insurance covers cancellation costs in case of illness

Reimbursement of costs: Child falls ill – family vacation cancelled. Family Müller spends a family holiday together again since a long time ago. Everything is perfectly planned and baggage is ready packed. And yet two days before commencement of the journey one of the children is falling ill. The doctor confirms that their child is unable to travel und consequently family Müller has to cancel. Because of the soon upcoming journey family Müller has to bear more than 90 % of the total travel costs. Before commencement of the journey Mr Müller has concluded a travel cancellation insurance without deductible (excess). In this case the insurance covers all cancellation costs and family Müller can budget the saved money for the next holiday.

Travel interruption insurance pays the whole travel price

Holiday interruption because of an accident. Mr Schmidt and Ms Fischer are together on holidays. Every day they are several kilometres on the way on foot to discover the most beautiful places of the island. On the fourth day they plan to climb a small mountain that promises with an observation deck a wonderful view above the landscape. However the bottom is very stony and Ms Fischer is twisting her ankle that unfortunately that she suffers from a torn ligament in the ankle. Because of the medical diagnosis Mr Schmidt and Ms Fischer have to interrupt their holidays and bear the cancellation costs. But Mr Schmidt and Ms Fischer are always concluding a travel insurance before journeys (especially a travel cancellation- and travel interruption insurance) and save with that arising costs that may occur through the travel interruption. In this described situation Mr Schmidt and Ms Fischer get reimbursed the whole travel price because at Topschutz holiday protection is included which bears the complete travel price at travel interruption within the first eight days.

Travel cancellation because of vaccination intolerance

Already at booking of the journey Erna Meier is looking forward to the journey together with the bridge club to Austria. As she unfortunately does not have any relatives anymore she has to travel alone. Shortly before start of the journey she is given the brush-up of the FSME vaccination. In the past she never had any problems at a vaccination but this time the doctors diagnoses a vaccination intolerance after describing her complaints. Therefore she is unfortunately not able to start the journey and has to make use of the before concluded cancellation insurance. The cancellation insurance pays after deduction of the contractually agreed deductible the complete cancellation costs back to her.

For a whole year: Annual travel cancellation insurance and annual travel interruption insurance

You are travelling more often in the year? The TravelSecure annual protection offers a reliable and safe protection for all journey worldwide for the whole year. With our annual travel insurance we offer you a complete protection for your holiday and business trips with that you make profit of many advantages in comparison to a single insurance.

Which advantages offers an annual travel cancellation insurance and annual travel interruption insurance?

  • Only conclude once: The annual travel protection is valid for 365 days in the year
  • Protection for families, couples or single persons: No matter if you travel alone, as a couple or as a family. Even if family members are travelling alone the annual travel protection is taking effect.
  • More reasonable: In comparison to a single contract for several trips in one year our annual travel protection is more reasonable
  • Every trip from 50 kilometres is insured: No matter if you travel privately (also weekend trips as well as city trips) or because of business.

Our annual insurance consists of two different packages. You can conclude online the basic package with travel cancellation insurance and travel interruption insurance as well as the comfort package including travel cancellation insurance, travel interruption insurance, foreign health insurance and luggage insurance. A foreign health insurance reimburses costs for medical treatments abroad e. g. medicine and offers with that an appropriate completion to the travel cancellation- and travel interruption insurance. Here you will find further information on the annual insurance.

Your dog falls sick – Cancel journey

Travel cancellation insurance bears cancellation costs

Your dog falls sick – Cancel journeyOur travel insurance covers also cancellation costs in case that your co-insured and for the journey announced dog falls sick and the journey cannot be started.

Our travel cancellation insurance has been test-winner at Stiftung Warentest for three years in a row

In comparison of 97 travel cancellation- and interruption insurances our travel cancellation insurance tariff Topschutz took first place in the year 2014 (issue 02/2014) at Stiftung Warentest – Finanztest. Already in the years 2012 and 2013 our Topschutz was elected as test winner by Finanztest. Therefore TravelSecure offers you the utmost protection for your next holiday or business trip. Trust in the test winner and conclude an insurance for you and your family by today.

Here you will find a recent overview of our travel insurances rewarded by Finanztest / Stiftung Warentest as well as further information on the test of travel cancellation insurances.

Conclude Travel Cancellation Insurance online

You may immediately take out travel cancellation insurance online. We accept payment via debit entry or credit card (Mastercard/Eurocard, VISA, American Express) as well as PayPal or SOFORT Banking.

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