A solid base – Basic Protection ("Grundschutz") by TravelSecure®

Information on Basic Protection

Before starting on the journey, Basis Protection will protect you against occurring cancellation fees.

Travel Cancellation Insurance is one of the most important insurance types for early bird bookers or families with children. Imagine your child falling ill and you have to cancel your journey, or a case of decease in your family.

As an early bird booker or as a family with young children you always have to expect the unexpected. Sometimes starting on the trip will not be possible anymore and you are glad to draw on a travel cancellation insurance to bear the financial damage.

The more your travel date approaches, the higher the cancellation costs will be:

Diagram on the development of cancellation costs
Development of cancellation costs / Days before the journey

Schedule of services

Travel cancellation insurance by TravelSecure® protects you in the events of:

  • Death, severe accident or unexpected serious illness
  • Loss of job
  • Pregnancy
  • Unexpected vaccination intolerance
  • Damage to property
  • Taking up an employment relationship or an apprenticeship
  • Change of job
  • Unexpected begin for federal voluntary service (BFD) or voluntary social year (FSJ)
  • Repetition of failed exams by the insured person at a school/university, vocational school, university, university of applied sciences and arts/college
  • Failed moving-up of a pupil if it is about a school- or class trip or withdrawal of the pupil from the class
  • Destruction of prostheses or loosening of implanted joints respectively
  • Unexpected serious illness, severe accident or vaccination intolerance of a dog registered for the journey. This is also valid for a registered for the journey and accompanying cat. Summons
  • File for divorce
  • Unexpected summons
  • Short-time work due to market conditions
  • Unexpected appointment for donation or receive of organs or tissues
  • Unexpected failure of an implanted pacemaker
  • Unexpected adoption of a minor child
  • Insured people among each other who have booked a journey together. As well as if necessary two additional accompanying minor children.

Benefits of the travel cancellation insurance by TravelSecure®:

  • Reimbursement of all occurring cancellation costs
  • Reimbursement of additional expenses for the outward trip if the insured journey cannot be started on for one of the insured reasons or due to a delay of public transport
  • Reimbursement of the costs for changes in booking up to € 50.00 per insured person
  • Reimbursement of potential agency fees up to € 100.00 if this has been incorporated in the price of the insured journey
  • Reimbursement of the additional costs for a single room supplement up to the amount of the occurring cancellation costs


Reimbursement takes place according to the chosen tariff with or without excess.
The excess amounts to 20%, at least € 25.00 per person in case of disease. For all further insured reasons the excess amounts to € 25.00 per person.

For the exact benefits and additional information please consult the detailed Terms and Conditions on the Travel Cancellation Insurance and the Travel Interruption Insurance.

Conclude Basic Protection online

You may conclude Basic Protection by TravelSecure® immediately online. We accept payments via debit entry and credit card (Mastercard/Eurocard, VISA, American Express) as well as PayPal or SOFORT Banking.

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