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After A-Levels, apprenticeship or college many young people travel the world to gain experiences. Whether within a term abroad, a stage or just to learn the language of a country intensively – the possibilities are almost unlimited. You can enjoy a carefree stay with our special foreign travel health insuranceTravelSecure4Students. So you do not have to worry in a case of illness if you are able to use and pay for medical care. We offer the travel insurance for students, language students, doctoral candidates, guest scientists or trainees to a age of 35 years in three different tariffs base, comfort and exclusive. Optional with travel liability insurance and traveller´s accident insurance to protect you against financial disadvantages in case of personal injury or property damage or serious accidents.
Please make sure to conclude the travel insurance TravelSecure4Students before your stay abroad.

Among other things TravelSecure® contains following benefits:
  • meeting the costs for ambulatory treatment
  • meeting the costs for stationary treatment
  • meeting the costs for painkilling dental treatments and dental filling in a simple way
  • meeting the costs for medically sensible return transport

More benefits you will find under TravelSecure4Students Exclusive, Comfort and Basic – our three varieties for a relaxed stay abroad.

TravelSecure4Students can be concluded online immediately. Payment is accepted by debit.

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