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Take out your Hiking- & Mountaineering Insurance online – starting at € 9.00

Campingversicherung TippThe hiking- & mountaineering insurance of TravelSecure® is an optional special insurance which can be taken out as an additional coverage to our products foreign travel health insurance, travel cancellation- /travel interruption insurance or travel accident insurance.

What are the benefits of our Hiking- & Mountaineering Insurance?

This special insurance, without any deductibles, is the ideal protection for your trekking- and hiking tours as well for your ski- & snowboarding tours which take place at least 50 kilometres from the place of residence. The hiking- & mountaineering insurance can be taken out for singles, couples or families as well as for groups up to 9 people (only people until the age of 75 can get insurance cover). The hiking- & mountaineering insurance pays, in contrast to the ski- & snowboard insurance, costs for rescuing of the insured person with a helicopter (e.g. ski accident or distress in the mountains) within Germany or abroad. Also covered by the insurance are medical expenses and material expenses and can be taken out easily online. A detailed overview of the insured costs and risks as well as the amount of reimbursement in case of a claim is displayed in the following table.

Which risks are insured?
  • rescuing after an accident, rescuing in case of distress in the mountains, distress at sea or aquatic distress
  • consequences of an accident
What will be reimbursed?
  • rescue costs Info

    up to € 7,500 per person

  • medical expenses Info

    up to € 4,000 per person

  • cosmetic surgeries Info

    up to € 8,000 per person

  • costs for an accompanying person at in-patient treatment of a child until the age of 15 Info

    € 800 per person

  • rental fee for health aids (e.g. crutches, wheelchairs)
  • deductible costs at hospital stay
  • costs of damaged/lost goods Info

    up to € 1,000 per person

maximum compensation limit
  • rescue costs Info

    € 7,500 per person

  • medical expenses Info

    € 4,000 per person

  • cosmetic surgeries Info

    € 8,000 per person

  • costs of damaged/lost goods Info

    € 1,000 per person

  • no
underlying conditions
  • scope: worldwide (minimum distance: 50 kilometres from the place of residence)
  • duration: max. 21 days
  • can only be taken out as an addition to one of the following insurances:
    • foreign travel health insurance
    • travel cancellation- /travel interruption insurance
    • travel accident insurance
  • single-, couple- & family rate as well as for groups up to 9 people

What does the Hiking- & Mountaineering Insurance of TravelSecure® cost?

Our hiking- and mountaineering insurance is supposed to be a part of your luggage when going trekking or hiking, as well as when going on a ski- or snowboard trip. The low priced insurance for hiking- and mountaineering enthusiasts up to the age of 75 years, is already available for only € 9.00 for singles and € 18.00 for families, which will provide for 3 carefree days of mountain experience. In case you are planning a longer trip: our hiking- and mountaineering insurance can be taken out for holidays up to 21 days. Use the overview below to compare and calculate the costs of your individual special insurance. Choose our premium coverage for trips in the mountains and take out your hiking- and mountaineering insurance online.

up to 3 days

up to 7 days

up to 14 days

up to 21 days

single person

€ 9.00

€ 14.00

€ 23.00

€ 33.00

couples & families with children

€ 18.00

€ 28.00

€ 46.00

€ 66.00

Take out the Hiking- & Mountaineering Insurance online right now - starting at € 9.00

Campingversicherung TippThe hiking- & mountaineering insurance of TravelSecure® is an optional special insurance that can be taken out as an addition to our products foreign travel health insurance, travel cancellation- /travel interruption insurance or travel accident insurance.

Why is a Hiking- & Mountaineering Insurance useful when going on holiday?

family is hikingFrom a sporty weekend to a skiing holiday with the family: low mountain ranges and high mountains are increasing in popularity as a travel destination by aspirant mountaineers. Whether hiking in the Rhön region, passing via ferrata, trekking in the Alps or skiing and snowboarding in the Carpathian Mountains – this extraordinary scenery of nature has great attraction on anyone looking for an active holiday. Nevertheless the risks that lurk in case of ambitious tours away from well-trodden paths or by using a heavily used ski run, is often underestimated – also by the choice of the suitable travel insurance.

Time and time again over-enthusiasm and lack of experience at route planning lead to emergency situations that cause high rescue costs e.g. by a helicopter mission. These include, beside accidents involving injured people or blockage of people/groups, people who cannot free themselves without help from outside as well as emergencies due to dehydration and exhaustion. According to DAV (Deutscher Alpenverein) the risk of being killed in an accident while mountaineering has declined over the last 60 years and has now fallen to a historic low level. Since the nineties however mountain rescue teams have turned out to organized searches and rescues more often. The reason: an increased number of people are attracted to the mountains and in case of an emergency situation in the mountains rescue services are called out quickly by mobile phone.

In case you already have a foreign travel health insurance or accident insurance for the journey and feel safe on your tour, you should note the following: in case of sickness or an accident you are protected against high costs. Nevertheless only when you are abroad, not when you are hiking in Germany. Someone who comes into a desperate situation e.g. in the German Alps will have to pay expensive rescue cost by himself. If you want to play it safe, you take out the low priced hiking- & mountaineering insurance online right now. The insurance covers the risk of a rescuing mission as well as the consequences of an accident. With our simple calculator you can easily take out your hiking- & mountaineering insurance online – as an addition to your general travel insurance and only for the period of time you need it.

Insurance conditions Hiking- & Mountaineering Insurance for download:

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