Flying made easy - Tips on air travel

Above the clouds…means not always only unlimited freedom.

There above quite a few people are reaching their personal limits. It is maybe fear of flying, eating too much before the flight – there are several reasons for discomfort on the plane.

Of course there is an antidote
In advance of journey there is so much to do and to pack. Then there is also the trip to the airport including with all the trimmings there. You often get the feeling that your holiday is only necessary because of the stressful preparations. If the stress is getting out of control take some time to relax. Breathing exercises are a good way and they offer you the urgently needed time-out.

Nausea on the plane

Nausea on the plane After the whole stress in advance turbulences and nausea on the plane can disturb your relaxed flight to the holiday country. Against nausea caused by turbulences you can already do something before the booking of the flight. Book seats in the middle of the cabin which are located above the wings. There you will feel turbulences not that strong.

However in case of you feel queasy prepare yourself and bring some medicine against travel sickness with you so that you are able to take it preventively before take-off.

Another effective cure for a comfortable flight is the reduced consumption of food but therefore drinking enough liquid is important. If you drink 150 ml per hour your circulation will have enough resources to come through the flight.

Deep-vein thrombosis while travelling

Deep-vein thrombosis while travelling

The risk of deep-vein thrombosis is quite high on longer distances. On long-haul flights you should therefore sometimes stand up and keep moving your feet and legs by muscle tension.

You can also wear surgical stockings which encourage blood circulation and prevent swelling of legs. The use of these stockings is especially advisable for pregnant women who are allowed to fly until the 36th week of pregnancy.

Jet Lag

Jet LagJet lag appears on flights to very far-off destinations. Once the four time zones have been exceeded of flown through you will have to struggle with it. A rule of thumb says that the time you need to get used to the change is about the time of the number of time zones you had flown through in days (For a flight through 4 time zones jet lag will remain for 4 days).

If you are flying through the night you should have no dinner and eat just a small thing. Ask the stewardess for the sticker “Do not disturb until breakfast” which will guarantee your sleep.

After reaching the destination it is helpful to sit in the sun or in any case outside in the afternoon to help your biological clock getting used to the new situation more quickly.

Advices for children, elderly people, diabetics and disabled people

Advices for children, elderly people, diabetics and disabled people

Pressure balance can become a problem for children. In this case you are prepared very well with chewing gum.

In case of loss or delay of a piece of luggage elderly people should always carry enough medicines in their hand luggage to take them in any situation. To avoid problems at the entry because of local legal provisions physician-directed medicine should be registered in the international emergency ID. This can be done by our family doctor.

The keeping of enough medicine is also important for diabetics. They should also arrange a plan about the carried out injections during the journey with their doctor.

Disabled people should ask their travel agency on special conditions and preparations in the air. Employees of the travel agency can also arrange the provision of a wheelchair on board for long-haul flights.

Source: Flugtipps des Auswärtigen Amtes (Zugriff am 19.03.2014)

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